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Media Release
June 2021

Noosa Beach Massage Achieves Net Zero Emissions

When we read about sustainable business practices in the news, it’s usually about the big business end of town. But small businesses in Noosa are making some loud noises when it comes to sustainability.

“We may be small in Noosa but we are many and we have the potential to collectively make a big impact,”Massageandwellbeing.com and beach massage business owner Ms Amanda Obara said.

Sustainability consultant Amanda Pummer, of Sustainable Happiness (www.sustainablehappiness.com.au), said that “Ms Obara’s businesses is likely to be the first massage businesses in Noosa shire to become carbon neutral.”  Climate neutrality means you have reduced your climate impact to net zero.  

Ms Pummer said that “This is great step and positions beach massage and massageandwellbeing.com as leading the way in the tourism and hospitality and health sector area. We hope to use her experience as a role model for the region.”

But Ms Obara said that it wasn’t something that she leapt into. Amanda said for a long time the business hesitated to even look into Carbon Neutral practices. “We thought it would be a big step, that it would be expensive and it would take time away from running the business.”

“We found that just by going through the process that there is a sustainable solution for everything, Amanda said of their experience. "Even if it’s just one item at a time, that makes it doable.”

Sustainability consultant Ms Pummer, said that “Enhancing environmental sustainability, through reducing carbon emissions, curtailing waste, and managing resources efficiently, will deliver better outcomes for customers and provide broader social and economic benefits.”

The Carbon Neutral report showed that Beach Massage was able to carbon offset its entire carbon emission production for the base year in 2020 and achieve carbon neutrality.

“We feel a lot better know that we’re contributing much less to environmental pollution and it’s already saving us money.”



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Amanda Obara
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Media Release
June 2018


Celebrate Warm Winter Updates with a Season Pass to Relaxation

Noosa Main Beach Massage has fully updated its look, creating a warm sanctuary for winter with an open beach feel. The walls are full mesh with optional rain and wind breaking sides. These sides also keep warm air inside on cooler days, while allowing a full view of the beach. In addition, flannelette blankets and other warmer layers are offered for optimal seaside comfort. In the worst of weather conditions, MassageAndWellbeing.com can deliver a home or in-room massage instead if preferred.

In celebration of the winter updates and to engage the local community, Noosa Main Beach Massage is offering special pricing through the winter months via the free Season Pass. Season Passes include $10 discounts on all 60 or 90 minute weekday massages throughout June, July and August. Amanda Obara, owner and founder of MassageAndWellbeing.com, is hoping the Season Pass will open the experience to those who may not have tried the new beach massage yet . “I am hoping to benefit the sporting community and engage community groups with our special season pass,” Obara stated. Winter can provide picture perfect sunny days, clear glistening water and open stretches of beach as the crowds subside.

The business’s white marquee, simply reading “Massage,” can be seen on the northern end of the boardwalk on Noosa’s Main Beach, and visitors frequent the serene marquee that is open 364 days per year. Only closed for Christmas, the waterfront marquee is an attractive option to visitors who are in town for holidays, weather permitting. “We have had very positive feedback from visitors over the holiday season on both the quality of the massage and the location, with many visitors repeat booking with us during their stay,” Obara stated.

It is her hope that the special offer will allow more locals to access the relaxing experiences, performed by professional and qualified massage therapists. In fact, 90% of the team hold a Diploma in Remedial Massage or higher. “I feel honoured to be working with some of Noosa’s most highly qualified and renowned therapists on one of the world’s best beaches,” she stated. “I would love for everyone, particularly locals who haven’t yet had the time, to come and try our unique wellbeing experience.”

To obtain a pass for a season full of relaxation visit the marquee, contact Amanda Obara on 0431181740.


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Media Release
December 2017

Introducing the New Main Beach Massage Permit Holder

MASSAGEANDWELLBEING.COM’s Amanda Obara was recently awarded the Noosa Main Beach permit for a service enjoyed by visitors and locals alike, beach massages. Best of all, the massages are available 7 days a week, 365 days a week (excluding Christmas) as long as the weather permits. During summer holidays, hours will also be extended to provide massages from 8 am to 6 pm.

Inspired by her background in tourism marketing, Obara launched MassageAndWellbeing.com in 2016, a platform designed to assist customers to book high quality massages. Obara holds a Certificate III in Body Therapies and an advanced Diploma in Communications for Digital Media, she also has a Graduate Certificate in Management from Central Queensland University, and holds a certificate in Business from James Cook University.

Obara’s group of highly talented and experienced therapists have been selected to offer the beach massages, tailored to specific needs and provided directly waterfront on Noosa’s Main Beach. “I feel very blessed to have been given this opportunity and to be working with such amazing massage therapists,” Obara says of her team.

Massages range from relaxation and deep tissue to remedial style, and are tailored to each customer’s preference. Rates are currently very affordable, with 30 minute massages costing $60, 45 minutes costing $80, an hour for $100 or 90 minutes for $150.

Gift cards are even available, so you can give the gift of ultimate beach side relaxation this holiday. “Sandy feet and wet swimmers are welcome!” Obara says, as she wants to be sure that each experience adds relaxation to the already serene experience of the Noosa area. “There is something very healing about getting a great massage on the beach to the sound of crashing waves while the sea breeze carries you away,” Obara says, adding that Noosa is the perfect place for serenity. “A walk in the national park, followed by a swim and massage at Main Beach is a great way to start the day when in Noosa,” she says.

Massage bookings for the same day can be made onsite at the white marquee located on the Northern end of the boardwalk on Noosa’s Main Beach (in front of Seahaven), or in advance by phoning 0431 181 740.



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Media Release
February 2017

A Romantic Massage for Valentines is Now Easier than Ever

FOLLOWING the recent hectic holiday season in Noosa, it’s now time to unwind. But just when you think you have some free time, it’s time to plan Valentine’s Day. So this year, why not try something different and give the gift relaxation to yourself and your Valentine? Better yet, why not schedule a couple’s massage, and indulge yourself and your partner, for relaxation and revitalisation.

A website founded by a massage therapist, Amanda Obara, makes all of this easier, by being the first of its kind to network clients and independent therapists with live scheduling. Because she has been a therapist herself, she knows how vital a massage can be to wellbeing. During her time as a therapist, she worked tirelessly to help her clients feel relaxed and rejuvenated. She realised during this journey that some booking procedures needed to be more streamlined for clients, as therapists can’t answer the phone while in treatment and many therapists don’t have online booking systems. Add to this is the fact that the best therapists are busy massaging, with little time or need to market themselves, so some of the best therapists are hard to find.

With all of this in mind, WWW.MASSAGEANDWELLBEING.COM was created, allowing clients to book in minutes for a massage at a clinic, or in their own homes or vacation spots. “We survey every customer post treatment via a customer survey, and all of our mobile therapists have been rated as 5 stars for ‘Skill’ and 5 stars for ‘Value,’” Amanda stated about the popular mobile option, which sends therapists to your home, resort or hotel room.

Now, the site is offering gift vouchers for Valentine’s Day, so purchasing an in home couples massage, or just a relaxing spa day for a loved one, is easier than ever. Vouchers can be gift wrapped and delivered anywhere in Noosa, or sent by email, so it’s easy to send a unique gift of relaxation to that special someone.

At the time of appointment, a highly experienced and qualified massage therapist will arrive at your door with a massage table and everything needed to help create a spa experience right inside your own home. Customers can choose from massage styles such as therapeutic relaxation, deep tissue and remedial, with some therapists also offering hot stone massage, craniosacral and reflexology.  To book specific styles, or during high demand times such as Valentine’s Day, it is recommended to book in advance.

Customers love the ease of booking through the site. As one customer, Sky, from Brisbane, stated, "We were staying in Noosa for the weekend and decided we'd get a couples massage with two therapists so it could be at the same time. Both therapists were very professional with their set up, and we are both proud to say it was the best massage we have received to date. Thank you again for our amazing experience, I cannot recommend you guys enough. We can't wait to stay in Noosa again so we can get another one." To see what all the buzz about, or to reserve a voucher, phone 0431181740 or email bookings@massageandwellbeing.com



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Media Release
August 2016

You’ve come all this way… now it’s time to relax!

FOR many of us, a great massage has always been a vital part of a holiday that rejuvenates the body, mind and soul. However when travelling, it was once almost impossible to find massage excellence in the destinations we were headed. Wasting precious beach time, we would ring around with a luck-of-the draw approach to book a treatment. Luckily, that’s now all behind us with the launch of a new booking engine designed to deliver top massage therapists to your door.  

With the recently launched website, WWW.MASSAGEANDWELLBEING.COM, you can now easily add a massage or spa treatment to your holiday in just minutes. Seeking the best deep tissue, sports or relaxation massage available in your area? Browse through the reviews left by customers from the site, and book your preferred therapist. Best of all, you can decide if you’d like to visit the spa, or have the spa come to you, with a quick choice between mobile or studio options.

Therapists and spa-lovers alike enjoy the benefits of WWW.MASSAGEANDWELLBEING.COM, as massage therapists receive verified customer reviews that reward spectacular service. The best price guarantee and real time booking management make it easier than ever for customers to find trusted therapists, and for therapists to take advantage of the site’s unsurpassed reliability and convenience.

Therapists will appreciate having fewer phone calls to answer as well as cost savings on advertising, and individuals are able to compete on the same level as larger businesses, allowing quality to shine. Booking options are available even when most salons are closed, so guests can enjoy improved convenience and therapists can enjoy a flexibility that suits their lifestyle and other commitments.

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing therapeutic or deep tissue massage, facial, body scrub or other treatments, you’ll find all of the options available in a single search, with a 100% money back guarantee on your deposit and a quick and convenient process to complete your booking.

The site, which is the first of its kind, also compliments niche holidays in Noosa, including for visitors travelling for fitness holidays, sporting events, girls’ weekends and wellbeing escapes. The site charges no booking or credit card fees, and its launch is the result of Amanda Obara’s culmination of experiences as a massage therapist and in tourism marketing.

Obara sought to help clients in Noosa find therapists that met busy schedules, as she understood how complicated it can be to make time to relax. The result was a model which also helps therapists who thrive on flexibility as well. “I’ve genuinely tried to come up with a model where everybody wins; customers, therapists, and industry,” she stated.

Chris Watson is one of the therapists to join the site, and he has been providing massage therapy for over 20 years to his loyal client base. Diploma qualified in both Swedish Remedial Massage and Remedial and Traditional Chinese Medicine, as well as holding a title of Master Trainer in Personal Training, he is also a member of ANTA, one of the most highly recognised associations of natural therapists. Elle Magazine in Australia awarded Chris the title of “Best Massage Therapist in Queensland” in 2002. “As I pride myself on what I do, of course I want to be on the best leading edge website for massage therapists in Noosa,” Chris stated.

The experiences of the therapists, combined with Obara’s experience and expertise, make for a combination sure to win over local businesses, tourists and local spa goers alike. Amanda holds a Certificate III in Natural Therapies, an Advanced Diploma in Communications (Digital Media) and a Certificate in Business from James Cook University. She also worked as a massage therapist in Noosa for over 5 years, recently completed a Graduate Certificate in Management at Central Queensland University, and has 15 years’ experience in marketing in the tourism industry.

Most of our therapists are diploma qualified, and all are dedicated professionals. The Noosa area has already seen a positive impact from the site, and some resorts are beginning to integrate the website’s service into their room charges in order to compete with locations who have on site spas. Once the mobile version is available, which is scheduled to launch soon, booking relaxation will be quicker and easier than ever.

“Our brochures, compendium flyers, fridge magnets and tent cards have been popular with the local resorts and apartments who have been displaying them in room or placing them at reception for their guests. “We welcome new hotel partners, and anyone interested can phone,” Obara said. To find out more ways to be involved, call 0431 181 740.

Check out WWW.MASSAGEANDWELLBEING.COM and book a treatment today!



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Media Release
May 2016

Upcoming Launch of Live Booking Platform for Massage Therapists in Noosa

VISITORS and locals alike will be delighted at the upcoming launch of the new WWW.MASSAGEANDWELLBEING.COM website. The first service of its kind in the country, the site will allow visitors to access booking availability in real time, for massage therapists who have been rated by real customers who have booked on the site. Designed to promote the local wellbeing industry, massage therapists and others in the industry, great therapists are rewarded with ratings by real customers.

One of the site’s most innovative features allows customers to choose between mobile or studio options, so customers can visit the spa or have the spa come to them. Visitors looking for the best therapists in the Noosa area will find the website not only saves time by providing access to the top servicers in the industry, but it is also saves time by streamlining the booking process. No calls are needed to check availability, and only 10% of the price is paid at booking. The site also backs each booking with a best price guarantee, much like the sites used to reserve hotels and airline packages, along with a 100% money back guarantee. With its unsurpassed reliability, customers receive a confirmation email and SMS at the time of booking.

For therapists, time is often saved by having less phone calls to answer, and money is often saved on advertising, as their reputation speaks for itself. Sole operators are able to compete on the same level as large businesses, all based on their own quality. In fact, therapists can join with no upfront fees, simply paying a commission on bookings received. The user friendly platform allows them to update availability, while customers are able to book 24/7, instead of just when the salon is open.

Massage therapists who are interested in being involved, can visit the site and click on ‘Join as therapist’ and follow the prompts.  The site offers free technical support and the therapist has full control over their own profile details, prices and availability.

Apartments and resorts who do not have a spa onsite will now be able to accommodate their customers by directing them to the new live booking site, which will allow them to best of massage therapists in simply minutes, no matter the time of day.

“Currently, we have Webjet to help us compare flights across airlines, Wotif to help us find accommodation, however until now there was no one site to help us quickly find and book quality wellbeing practitioners,” founder, Amanda Obara, said. “This site is another step toward the online booking movement.”

The site, which charges no booking or credit card fees, is the result of Obara’s culmination of experiences as a massage therapist and in tourism marketing. In an effort to help clients in Noosa find therapists that met busy schedules, she also sought to help therapists who thrive on flexibility as well. The result was a model in which customers and therapists alike can benefit. “I’ve genuinely tried to come up with a model where everybody wins; customers, therapists, and industry,” she stated.

The website is due to be soft launched in upcoming weeks at WWW.MASSAGEANDWELLBEING.COM



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